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These are just some of the beautiful horses sold by the Mitchell Ranch in 2011


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These are a few of our wonderful horses that have found great homes. Thank you to everyone that has purchased one of our horses, we know that they are in great hands. Those of you that are still looking for your next best horsey friend, please check out our Sales Page.




Thank you Jolene, Sterling is a great horse, one of the favorites here at the ranch. I know he will be missed here. Hes got a great home with you.


Beautiful Grullo gelding 15.2H. Coming 7yrs old. The color on this guy is just stunning, and such wonderful conformation and solid build. Sweet personality, loves attention. 60 days professional training. Going great under saddle. Lots of trail time, up and down the mountain and down to the lake. Going great in the arena learning quickly. He truly is a wonderful horse. Used to dogs, quads, trucks, and traffic. Would make a great roping/cow horse, fancy show horse or just great as your best trail buddy. 







Thank you Wendy. Comet is such a great girl and I know that she will make a life long friend for your daughter and a wonderful addition to your family. Im so glad that she found such a great home with you. 

Stands 15H. Coming 7yrs old. Lots of color in her breeding. Registered Foundation ApHC. Sweet mare to handle and ride. She is very well mannered and would make a great kids horse due to her temperment and size. Great strong feet. Used mostly as a trail horse but coming along well in the arena too. 





Lena is a beautiful unregistered Quarter Horse Mare. Coming 5yrs. Currently working with a 13yr old girl who is conditioning her for gymkhana, first show in March. Stocky build excellent for gymkhana or to use for cattle work. She has a very sweet eager disposition. She goes out wonderfully on the trails and is doing great in the arena. She is becoming soft and supple in the bit and works nicely off leg pressure, just a little more time and she will be neck reigning like a dream. She stands 14.2H and has a bit more growing to do. She will excel at any endeavor and is ready and willing to learn more. She is 100% sound, never having a lameness or health issue.






Sold to Carolyn, Congratulations! Macho is a special horse and I know he will be loved with you.


6 year old Quarter Horse Cross Gelding. Has been used as a trail horse ridden western on the trail and in the arena. Also last summer he was ridden english, did some jumping and flat work. He attended some shows and was given lessons on. Hes great at both english and western. He moves off of your legs nicely and is willing to learn more. He stands 16H, easy to ride and great under saddle.






Olivia, Gandlof is a wonderful horse. He has such a big sweet heart. I know he is in great hands with you and you will turn him into the horse that he was bred to be. 


Friesian crossed with QH. Such a beautiful horse at a great price. Needs an experanced rider. Priced low to compensate for time and training needed with him. Would be a great project horse for someone that wants to end up with a very well trained expensive horse in the end. Very smart, he will give you his heart in what ever you want him to do. Beautiful gaits and build. Nice deep bay color.




Thanks for providing Redford with such a great home. He is a great horse. Such a gem, a hard find true "anyone can ride" horse


Awesome trail horse for any level rider. Wonderful calm smooth ride. Will take you anywhere you want to go. Up the mountain or down to the beach. Not spooky at all, nothing seems to bother this guy. Barking dogs, traffic, bi-cycle riders, nothing fazes him. Excellent hard feet never needed shoes. Well trained neck reins and works well in a curb bit. Wonderful ground manners, Stands completely still for mounting. Also broke to drive a cart.  





Beautiful 1996 mare. Registered APHA. Stands 15.3H. Sweet personality. Confident advanced beginner/ intermediate rider. Have sat 2 yr old son on her lead line, she does great. Excellent conformation. Well trained ridden both english and western. Prefers light hands, soft on the bit, neck reign, light ques, just move your seat in the direction you want to go and shes there, you dont even have to use leg. Been on lots of trails, up and down the mountain, down to the beach, through water. Runs to her name in the pasture, loves attention. Great for the farrier. Trailers like a dream, loads right in and travels quietly. She is the kind of horse that will be your buddy for ever, forms a strong bond with her rider. 




Thank you David for purchasing Shasta. She is one very awesome little mare. I know that she is going to take you far in your riding carrier. She has the potential to do anything you want with her.

15H Beauty. Ridden both english and western. Been jumped and done reining. Very well trained mare. Works well off leg and seat ques. Great in the arena and on the trail. Fun to ride, very smooth with nice rhythm to her gaits, but has a bit of energy and likes to go so a confident rider is best. Lots of potential in this mare to take you far. Sweet personality, loves attention and easy to handle. This horse is worth much more than the asking price. She is priced low for a quick sale.






Misty is a great horse with a solid mind. She has had 45 days professional training at a working cattle ranch. There she worked cattle, ran fences, and did all the other demanding jobs of a ranch horse. Lots of trail time on her, very sure footed. Never been sick or injured. One owner, who foaled, imprinted at birth, and raised her. Shes been to the beach, didnt mind it at all, just another place to go for this girl. She ties, clips, loads, trailers quiet. No spook. Shes a great, easy going horse that pretty much anyone can ride. Coming along well on her arena skills, shes a quick and easy learner. Put her up for a month, come back and shes the same horse. Great for the vet and the farrier.






Born 3/2010. Beautiful Andalusian Cross filly. Sire is Andalusian stallion "Inspraido AR". Dam is a 16H beautiful roan Appaloosa cross. This filly has beautiful movement and build. She is halter broke and handled daily. Loves attention and to be groomed. Great for the farrier, easy to bathe, easy to catch, such a sweet personality.





This colt is solid black no white on him at all. Born April 10th of 2010 and doing great. He has beautiful movement, solid build and wonderful conformation. Sired by "Inspirado AR" a spanish bred Andalusian. Dam is Percheron. This colt will be wonderful for dressage, spanish dance or for a beautiful trail horse. Super sweet personality, loves attention and to follow you around. Halter broke and handled daily.






Great all around gelding. Beautiful buckskin paint with wonderful dappling. Stands 15.3H. Great with his feet, easy to bathe, tack up, and stands still for mounting. Drops his head for the bridle. He is just a pleasure to be around. Mild speed on this guy, not overly forward but will get up and go when asked. What ever you ask of Huck he will try it. Can be ridden both english and western. Great in the arena and excellent on the trail. He has the potential to be a true all around horse. This summer he has done a little bit of everything from english and western riding, gymkhana, to guided trail rides. Hes great for the advanced beginner rider. Very nice easy jog and lope, such a smooth ride. Currently in training and being ridden at least 5 days a week. Although hes not completely finished, it sure wont take him long to get there, hes got the willingness and brains that you want. He would make a wonderful mount for the pre-teen to teen aged rider.


Julie, Huck is a wonderful horse. I know that you love him and he will be a great addition to your herd. He is still young and I know that he is willing to take you and do with you what ever you ask of him. Hes going to be a horse that will love you and give you his all for all his life. He really is a great horse, as you know. 






One of the best horses around. 13yrs 16.2H. Solid bay. Percheron/ Morgan cross. Such a beautiful mare a one of a kind horse. Excellent on the trail and in the arena. She will go any where you ask her to. Not a mean bone in her body. Just as sweet as can be. Very well trained in the arena, works off you seat and leg. Leads, flying changes, lateral movement and super smart. Excellent stop. Picks up the lope from a standstill. She just wants to do what you ask of her. Very forgiving, has been used for lessons, used for guided trail rides with beginner riders. Advanced beginner ride just because she can be forward in the arena. Will move out and go as fast as you would like or slow down to a easy speed. No spook, will go out on the trail alone or with a group, put her where you want in the front or in the back she doesnt care. Rides double and bare back. Ridden mostly western, but we have thrown an english saddle on her and she did fine. She is truly one of the favorites out here at the ranch.


Thank you Lu and Arielle. You have quite the gem there. As you know she is awesome and I know you all will be very happy with her.




Thank you James. I know that Cole will be a great part of your family. You have a wonderful colt there, he will be everything that you want.


Such a flashy colt. Get your next show champion and train him up your way. Such great potential for a hunter/jumper pony. Excellently bred, would make a great stallion or a fantastic gelding, you choose! Handled everyday, great ground manners. Bathes, ties, leads, great with his feet.




1989 15.3H Bay AQHA Mare. Just an all around wonderful mare. Due to an injury that has made her unsound to ride we are looking for a great home for her and offering her as a brood mare.  She has produced some beautiful racing babies that have won lots of money. Great for the first time horse owner.Very sweet mare and gets along very well with all other horses. Easy to bred, bring into foal and foal out. In the past when bred to a cremello stallion she has produced some of the most beautiful buckskin colts.  


There are just some of the horses sold by the Mitchell Ranch in 2012



Such a beautiful cross. This guy is going to be a show stopper when hes grown. Beautiful color and beautiful movement. Very sweet personlity and very easy to handle. Sire is a Gypsy Drum stallion and dam is a QH/Draft cross mare. Dillon currently at one year, born June of 2010, and he currently stands 15H. Thick mane and tail, and a nice bit of feathering. Easy to catch, lead, bathe, great with his feet.



AQHA Registered coming 4yr dark palomino mare with rare amber eyes. Big bodied and thick bone on this mare. Currently 15.3h, with still room to grow. Super sweet easy going personality. Going great under saddle. Already has been down to the beach, out on the trails and working well in the arena. Trailers great, clips and ties with no problems. Shes going to make a great all around horse. Excellent childs, lesson horse or beginner ride prospect. Sired by the Cremello Stallion Raleighs Full Moon.



Big and Beautiful only just starts to describe this guy. Coming 3yr AQHA and 15.2H!! Lots of growing left to do. If you think he is beautiful now just wait a few years and blow away your friends with a horse they will be jealous of....


Tasha is 4ys, registered Welsh Pony. Excellent little pony mare. Looks just like a mini Arab. Super sweet personality. All ground training done and being started under saddle, shes got a great start and will be riding and kid ready in no time. Could be used for a kids pony or for driving a cart. Very nice movement, beautiful little trot. Great with her feet and very accepting of new training and new things introduced to her, super smart. Easy to catch and handle.




Rebel is a great horse, very sweet. Easy ride, great for the advanced beginner rider. Stands 15.2H, 12yrs old. Great trail partner if you want to just get on the trail and go. He will go over, through, up and down anything that you point him over. He is registered with the Missouri Fox Trotter Association. Gaits, trots and canters. Beautiful canter on this guy very smooth and fluid.

Julia, thank you for purchasing Rebel. I know that he is a great horse and he will be a life long friend for you. 




Such a beautiful mare. Lola is a 12 yr Anglo Arab mare. Beautiful Liver Chestnut color. Lola can go either english or western. Shes done lots of jumping and sails smooth over fences. Nice easy tempo to her canter. When ridden western she neck reins like a dream. She loves attention and loves to be taken out and ridden. Not only is she great in the arena but shes great on the trail too. She would be great for the rider that wants a horse that is versatile and would be a pretty mount for any show



Gypsy horse... Every girls dream steed!!

Registered with the Gypsy Horse Registry and with the National Pinto Registry. Coming two this June. Beautiful boy with excellent ground manners. Easy to handle, such a love. Great with his feet, good for the vet, trailers great, easy to bathe, easy to catch and halter. Fully halter broke and leads wonderful, follows right along. Handled since birth. Currently stands 13H and still has several more years of growing to do.

He would make a beautiful cart horse or fancy show pony. This guy will turn heads in the show ring or any where you take him. Leave him as a colt to produce beautiful babies or geld him and make him into a wonderful riding horse for adults and children. 


Tucker is a beautiful horse. Beautiful big extended movement. Tucker has the build and movement for the makings of a excellent english prospect hunter jumper. Beautiful dark bay and perfect appy blanket. He will be 5yrs this year and stands 16H. Well started under saddle, going great on the trail and in the arena and started on jumps. Currently he is a stallion but would make an excellent gelding. He is a horse that will catch the judges eye, born for the show ring.


Patty I am so pleased that you have decided to ad Tucker to your life. I know that he will be your life long friend, and the newest love of your life. He really is a special horse and you will both mare a special pair together. Congrats!


 L'Vira. Beautiful 3/4 Friesian, 1/4 Andalusian. Lots of hair, mane and tail. Looks just like a pure bred Friesian.

Coming 3 yr old filly, 15.3H and still growing. Solid black. Sweet and easy going personality. Her dam is a big Warlander mare and sire is the famous Friesian stallion Captain (Bente). Both parents are the Baroque type and that shows in this filly too. She is started under saddle and going real well, walk, trot, canter. Currently being ridden five days a week. Riding in the arena and on the trail.

Kathy, I am so glad that you have found a new friend in Lvira. I know she will become a great horse and will do so well for you on the trail and make some out standing foals for you. Please keep us up dated on her progress and as she becomes the wonderful mom that we know she will, we want to see pictures. 

Baby Girl



Baby Girl is as near "bomb proof" as they come. APHA reg. Pending, DNA processing. Impressive bred. Stands 15.1H, has excellent halter breeding conformation and build. She is a great horse for the timid beginner rider. Currently in a lesson program for new children riders, they can handle her easy and she is just a doll for them. She will take care of her rider, but move out with more experienced hands. She has been used mostly for trails and that is where she excels. Out in a group or out along either dosnt bother her. No marish behavior on this girl, she couldnt care what other horses are around her. If you are looking for your first horse or need a horse that will boost your confidence then she is the horse for you. You dont have to have a worry in the world with her.


Congrats Jesus! She is an awesome mare, and truely will be missed here at the ranch. I know that you will be very happy with her and she will be well taken care of. Enjoy her!!

Lighting aka Melted Platnium



Beautiful coming 5yr Cremello Registered American Warmblood gelding. 16.2H and still growing, has the bone and breeding to reach at least 17H, with both parents at 17H. "Melted Platinum" is 1/2 TB, 1/4 Percheron, and 1/4 Saddlebred, that breeding has produced the perfect all around horse. Amazing eventing/jumping prospect. Extremely athletic and smart, this horse is going to be very competitive. Trained with natural horsemanship. Some dressage. Going well over jumps already at over 3' and has the willingness and reach to go much more. The potential for this horse is endless. Priced low for quick sale, This horse is worth much more than the asking price.


Dana, I am so glad that you have decided to purchase Lighting. He is an awesome horse, I know that he will be the horse to fulfill your dreams and take you far in the show world. He couldnt have found a better owner then you. Only a match made in heaven could have been better. 



Looking for the perfect big horse that you can start your way and make into the horse of your dreams. Well you have found him! Handled since birth and now with perfect ground manners, excellent with his feet and perfect for the farrier. Leads very well even when being taken away from mama. He has had the perfect start since birth and is ready to continue your way. This colt is going to be big and beautiful. Black with oh so cute markings, he will turn heads as you ride in the arena or out on the trail. Born July 201l. Dam is a beatiful Percheron mare with Friesian like gaits and Sire is a big foundation bred AQHA. Both parents have wonderful personalities, and smart heads on their shoulders and that has passed on to this boy. To give you an idea of size the horse in the second picture isnt his dam but a Friesian cross gelding who stands 17H.



9yrs, 16H. Beautiful Shire Cross, painted sorrel and white. Chester is the perfect family horse. Excellent on the trail or in the arena. Amish trained to a pull with a team and then started under saddle. Sweet mild temperament on this guy, never a mean bone. But when you want to move out he will give it to you. He has dabbled in the gymkhana ring, he can turn and burn like you wouldnt believe. Excellent for any level rider, you can feel comfortable having any green rider on him, even first timers.


Romeo is the definition of palomino. 14.3H and 6yrs old. Cant get any prettier then him. Super stocky build, very muscular and eye catching. Sweet personality, runs to you to be caught. Going very well in the arena and excellent on the trail.  Works very well with your seat and leg ques. Very nice gaits, smooth trot and easy canter. Currently a intermediate level ride but with a few more miles could make a great horse for any family. He could be great for gymkhana or ranch work. Get your self noticed in the show ring with tons of Flash!


What a wonderful mare. 15.3H 6yrs old. Shire/Morgan Draft Cross. Maxine has been used mostly for trails and boy is she great on them. Not spooky, will move out nicely and loves to just go all day long. She doesn't mind leading the trail or following behind, not mareish at all. She has had some driving training, but mostly just used as a trail horse. Works well in the arena, easy trot, nice steady lope, rates her speed nicely. She works well off your leg and has a great stop.  She is just an all around great girl. Very sweet temperament and very easy to handle and ride. She's a great mount for the advanced beginner rider. 

Doug, I love Maxine and I am so happy that she has found a home with you. I am so happy that you had decided to come to me and I was able to make  the connection with you and Maxine happen. Shes going to be a great horse for you for the rest of her life. She is so sweet and so beautiful


Red is a very sweet guy. He is super mellow on the ground but will move out nicely in the arena or on the trail. He is a advanced beginner level horse, because he can be more forward under saddle then your typical draft horse. Mostly used as a trail horse, but will work in the arena as well. He has had lots of trail miles, gone up into the mountains and down to the lake. Crosses water with no problem. Stands 16.2H and is 8yrs old. Beautiful sorrel color with a very nice long mane and tail. Beautiful movement on this guy, very nice trot and lope. Very smooth and easy to sit.


Outstanding cremello Stallion. He has the breeding, conformation and personality that you look for in any horse. He is 100% color producer and will only through buckskins and palominos with the occasional smokey black, no reds out of this guy. 6 years this year and already producing foals that carry his sweet personality and excellent conformation. Currently under saddle, he has wonderful ground manners and is a pleasure to be around. Owner only selling due to not having enough time to give him the love and attention that he deserves. He would be a wonderful asset to any breeding program. While for sale he, is still standing. 



Valentina is a very flashy very sweet mare. 8yrs old, 15.2H.  Beautiful build, correct conformation, wonderful movement and such a beautiful paint job. She has excellent ground manners, loves to be groomed and handled. Valentina was used as a brood mare for a few years and produced beautiful babies. She was started as a 3yr old then took some time off to be an awesome mother. She is now here being restarted under saddle and is doing great. Going solid at the walk/trot/canter, riding well in the arena and starting on the trails. She is not overly spookey, and very smart. She could be excellent for any endeavor, ready to be taken in any direction. Get her now before she has more training and her price increases.


Beautiful Solid Buckskin ApHC reg. coming 6 year mare. Rose stands 14.2H. In your pocket type horse with a great loving personality. Shes very quiet and easy to tack up, shes learning to neck rein, just a little longer and shes got it, advancing to a crub soon. Going great with flying lead changes, she knows her ques. Great horse on the trail, put her any where in the group and shes happy. No mareish behavior.  She would make a great kids horse with a few more miles on her. Shes ready to go any direction. Shes willing and ready to learn more. She is a great horse, who will excel at any endeavor. Started at gymkhana and to start showing soon, she is quick and agile and just a natural at it. But she could be an awesome cow horse. Her sire was a appaloosa and her dam is AQHA and a working cow horse.



Cowboy is a wonderful horse, very powerful, beautiful, lovely horse to be around. Stands 16H and 1500lbs. He has been used mostly as a trail horse with some ranch work. Very well schooled horse, but is best suited for the trail. He will take you where ever you want to go, not spooky and very confident on the trail. He neck reins, very sensitive to leg and seat ques. He has had one owner since age 3. He would be excellent for the hunter looking for a horse to pack them and anything you take out of the back country. He has excellent ground manners. Currently he requires a intermediate level rider because he is quick to respond and sensitive to his ques.

Mariah Cowboy is an awesome horse and I cant be happier that you are his new owner. I know that you two will be so happy together for ever. No one but you deserves a horse as awesome as Cowboy. I know that this was ment to be. 


15H. 4yrs Sire is a Cremello AQHA 16H Doc O' Lena bred stallion, Dam is APHA 15H, tobiano. Beautiful buckskin Gelding. Registered APHA, breeding stock. Wonderful conformation and movement. Performance bred. Neck reining. Goes great in the arena and on the trail. Just finished 90 days professional training. Works great on seat and leg ques, soft on the bit. Learning more and getting better each day. He would make a great cutting, reining or ranch versatility prospect. Very sweet people loving personality.


Blondie is a one in a million horse. He is absolutely beautiful in every way. What a fantasy and dream horse! Rides western or english. Collects wonderfully and very soft in the bridle. Goes out great on the trails. Super fun to ride in the arena. He is 9yrs old and 16.3H tall. Registered with FSHR. Friesian /Quater Horse cross. He has the looks and the movement of a Friesian but with the palomino wrapper. Would be an excellent horse for dressage. I have taken him over some tiny jumps, he was willing but if thats the direction that you want to go he would still need work.






Quest is an awesome horse. ApHC and Foundation registered. 15.2H 1998 Very beautiful build and color. She is a bay leopard with lots of nice spots. She is a great family horse or husband horse. She is great in the arena and excellent on the trail. She will go out in a group or out alone with out any convincing. Shes an advanced beginner level rider because she can be a bit forward in the arena, but is very well trained and listens very well. Quest is very easy to handle and tack. She has been used for lessons and the students love her. She is very sweet and willing to do what ever you ask of her. She has been bred and produces beautiful foals. She has been ridden mostly western but would make a beautiful english mount. 


Debbie quest is an awesome horse. I think she is going to be perfect for you. You will have years and years of fun with this girl. 




Perfect horse for any rider. She is very easy going and super sweet. 2004, Reg. APHA with excellent blood lines. Could make a wonderful brood mare. She stands 15.2h and has excellent conformation and build. Shes excellent in the arena and on the trail. Currently being used for a few lessons with beginner level riders. Lots of training on this gal, mostly ridden western but could also make a great english prospect. Last summer she spent several months at a cattle ranch working cattle. Not spookey and very much a laid back easy ride.

Horses Sold in 2013


  photo Pearl02_zps7053aa31.jpg


Pearl is a beautiful very well put together AQHA Reg. perlino (DNA tested) 4yr old mare, 16.1H. She had a solid start with a professional trainer at the start of this year. Since then she has been continuing her training and is learning quick and doing very well. Pearl has a super mellow and very easy going personality. Nothing seems to bother this girl. We have put all level of riders on her from the advanced rider to the fresh beginner, even used in lessons. She is soft on the mouth and works well with seat and leg ques. She loves attention and is the first to greet you at the gate. Great in a stall or in a pasture setting, gets along well with other horses.


Thank you Chet for purchasing yet another beautiful horse from our ranch. I know that Pearl will be a wonderful addition to your ranch. 




Excellent horse. 13yrs old and 16.1H. Very stocky big build, and a beautiful dark buckskin color. Perfect for the more serious rider or the beginner. Not spooky at all. This horse has been there done that type personality. He neck reins, side passes, ponies, open and closes gates, moves well off your leg and seat. Carry a tarp off him, throw a rope off him, stand up in the saddle, ride in traffic he doesn't care. Nice steady beats to his gaits. Excellent on the trail or in the arena. Put him up and take him out on the weekends and you still have the same horse.


Natalie, you and your mom are going to really enjoy Buck. He is by far one of my favorite horses ever. Such an awesome horse, one that I my self have thought of purchasing. 


  photo dbc49259.jpg


Stella is a beautiful horse. She is reg. AQHA # 4169201 bay roan 15h, 4/27/01. Doc Bar, Colonel Freckles, and Fast Jet in her breeding. Shes done a little bit of everything. Been mostly used as a gymkhana and trail horse. But she has also been to several cattle clinics( did awesome!!, its just in her blood) and been down to the beach. Confident beginner rider level.


Kayla I am so excited that you decided to purchase Stella. She is a beautiful horse and you two will be awesome at what ever it is that you decide that you want to do with her. I know that you will be able to do anything with that little mare.


 photo Sara03_zps38f20edd.jpg


Sara is an awesome horse for any level rider. Shes very calm and just wants to be your buddy. She has been used for lessons and joined in a kids camp or two. She is 10yrs and Reg. Arab. She stands 14.2H. She is the perfect horse for the first time kid or teenager. Arabs are great because they will give you their heart and when you get a young mare such as Sara that is as easy going and gentle as her you couldnt find anything better. Shes willing to do what ever it is that you would like to do with her, be it pony club, 4H, local shows or just the everyday trail ride. Easy to handle and excellent manners. 


Harmony, Sara is an awesome horse. I know that you and her will do awesome riding the hills and everywhere you want to go on the trail. Shes such a special horse with a very kind heart. She will be very missed here. You have quite the gem there with you. 


 photo 725d7a30-3275-487e-a445-b21a2142fbcf_zpse21507fc.jpg


Tex is a sorrel gelding that has extensive gymkhana experience, trail experience and some "ranch sorting". He stands just above 15.2 hands tall, and is very stout and muscular. Very responsive to his rider, not a dead head, but is easy to get along with. Advanced beginner or up, simply because he's responsive and has some "go" to him if you ask for it. AQHA but papers have been lost, out of Zippo Pine Bar lines.


 photo Sale13_05_zps5b85f8cb.jpg

Beautiful Friesian cross stud colt. Pending FSHR. Born 4-14-12. Sired by (Xander RS, FHANA Registered) and out of the beautiful silver dappled registered Kentucky Mountain horse mare WHS Jackson's Justice. Both sire and dam are very well built which shows in this colt. He is very friendly and super easy to handle. Beautiful coloring and he carries the silver dapple gene. Keep him as a stallion and produce fabulous foals or geld him and make him your next trail partner or show prospect.


Connie Justice is a wonderful colt and boy I cant wait to see his babies that he will produce!!


 photo IMG_0920_zps3766ea2e.jpg


Blackberry is a wonderful horse. 16h, 7yrs solid black. Hes great under saddle in the arena and on the trail. Beautiful Friesian mane and tail. Had been started on trail trials and was doing great. Keep him riding western as a flashy trail partner or shine him up for the show ring. Beautiful gaits and very smart. This guy is full of potential to go any direction.


 photo farrah07_zpsb0e6cb6a.jpg


Farrah is a wonderful mare. Super sweet personality. Beautiful buckskin dun color, with no white on her. Sire is a registered quarter horse and dam is a Morgan. Stands 14.2h perfect for the child or rider who wants a ride closer to the ground. Beautiful stocky build. Excellent on the trail even with the confident beginner. Great ground manners and over all easy to handle. She would be an excellent family horse as she loves every one and has been around and ridden by kids.


Diane, Im so happy that you decided to bring Farrah into your family. She is a wonderful horse and I know that she will be there for you and with you for a very long time. 



 photo duke02_zps680a0d4d.jpg

Duke, FRITZI’S EL NINO  AQHA #3667542, is a great family trail horse. He has been owned by the same owners since he was just a baby. 1998 model and 15.1H. Hes been used mostly as a trail horse, he will take you where ever you want to go. Great weekend horse because he doesnt mind sitting then just having fun time a day or two a week. His owners have used him for lessons and to run gymkhana on nothing serious just play days. He loves to please and has that "been there done that" attitude about everything. If your looking for a horse that your whole family can enjoy and do all around with then Duke is a great choice. 


 photo 88b90944-a4e0-4e83-bcf3-fee0597cca55_zps006b484d.jpg


AN APPROVED STALLION CANDIDATE!!!1st Premie Ster- Ster+Pref4-Ster+Pref5-Model+Pref.

This colt is one of the highest quality Friesian colts in the market today. This stunning Friesian colt was born 4/7/13, sired by the approved stallion Doaitsen 420 Sport and out of a full pedigree 1st premie STER mare, Doutzen. The colt’s sire, Doaitsen, is one of the highest scoring Friesian stallions in world producing tall, powerful offspring with great work ethic. The colt’s dam is an import from the Netherlands, TALL---16.2hh. She is a strong mare with an excellent disposition. His mother line is UNBELIEVABLE: all ster mares:
He is out of repeat 1e Ster mare, Doutzen A.J. and has a solid motherline of Sters & 10 Preferants! He will be a tall, substantial colt with lots of presences. He carries himself upright, has a great thinking mind and loves people. Well socialized, handled, picks up his feet, leads and has overall excellent manners. He will have lots of flash and hair! This colt should mature well over 16.h. With his flashy movement and beautiful breed type, he would make a great show horse, stunning pleasure horse or an excellent dressage candidate.
He is already fully registered and microchipped with the Dutch Friesian Registry (KFPS) and the US registry, FHANA. Up to date with all vaccinations.
This colt is one of the highest quality Friesian colts in the market today.


Luis, I know Jaeger is going to make you a wonderful breeding stallion and produce lots of beautiful foals. Cant wait to see him as he matures and all of his babies in a few years. 

Horses Sold In 2014


 photo bc1a027b-e109-427a-9aed-c9ec4c7301bc_zps527b3ec5.jpg


Thank you Sara and Family. Ranger is an awesome horse and he will be great for your family to grow with and learn with for years to come. You all will have so many great times together and such a great life. 


 photo Ben03_zps39d78d20.jpg


2002ish, 15.1h, Draft/QH cross gelding. Excellent trail horse and good in the arena. When you need it, he can have some good get up and go. Ridden in a full bridle and neck reins with ease. With his stocky build yet short stature he would be an excellent horse for any sized rider. Used mostly for the trail and thats where he is most at home. Loads right in and trailers with ease. Loves to ride off property or be trailered to a new and exciting place. 


Carrie, Ben is an awesome horse I know that you will have so much fun with him and love him for ever. You have just bought your new best friend. He is loyal and true. 


  photo Daniaug03_zpsb7a187b1.jpg


Born 5/5/2010. Beautiful blood bay with black mane and tail. Friesian/QH cross. Very easy to handle and lead. In your pocket personality and just loves to be the center of anything that you are doing. She's going to be a very easy start and is ready now. Beautiful movement on this gal and shes going to be quite the looker on the trail as a pleasure horse or in the arena in a show career

 I cant wait to see Dani as she matures. She is such a beautiful horse with such a beautiful personality. I know as you both grow together you will have a beautiful partnership, what ever you end up doing together. Thank you again 

Lucifer aka Luke

  photo 4a3a6719-bf94-48ea-b67a-6648c9d11837_zps9b27d428.jpg


Lucifer is a very beautiful well put together horse, with beautiful movement and extension to his gaits.  16.2H and 5yrs old. Very thick bone and build,  this guy was born to be a powerful horse in anything that you want to do. Green broke to ride and going very well under saddle, no buck, bolt or negative behavior. Handled since birth. He has a wonderful personality and loves to be around people. Completely sound and healthy, never ever having any problems.  He has wonderful lift to his knees and extension to his shoulders. Lucifer is sired by the Friesian Stallion Limoges and his dam is a black Percheron. Lucifer will make a beautiful mount for dressage or Spanish dance with the movement that he naturally possesses, or just a wonderful trail companion.

 Im so happy with the home that Lucifer, or now known as Luke has found. I just cant wait to see pictures of him as his training continues and he matures into the beautiful horse that I know he is. 



 photo IMG_5776.jpg


The build and color on this guy is to die for. 2006, 14.3h, stocky, QH build and palomino coloring that you dream about. Beautiful tail goes all the way to the ground. Tucker is a very sweet, curious horse that loves attention. He is great under saddle and could be taken in any direction. Rides great in the arena and has had lots of trail experience. Requires a confident advanced beginner level handler and rider.


  photo IMG_2722_zpsa1a32fdb.jpg


Lady is a beautiful mare. 5yrs old and started under saddle. She is still very green and is currently in training. Shes a sweet mare and with more time would make a wonderful mount for the small adult or child. Lady measures 14H. She has been bred to the Friesian Stallion Zander for a 2015 early summer foal. Maybe spots, maybe not on the foal, but it sure will be fun to find out. Regardless the foal will sure be a looker



  photo Justice_zps52b8cac8.jpg


Beautiful Friesian cross stud colt. Pending FSHR. Born 4-14-12. Sired by (Xander RS, FHANA Registered) and out of the beautiful silver dappled registered Kentucky Mountain horse mare WHS Jackson's Justice. Both sire and dam are very well built which shows in this colt. He is very friendly and super easy to handle. Beautiful coloring and he carries the silver dapple gene. Keep him as a stallion and produce fabulous foals or geld him and make him your next trail partner or show prospect.


  photo Ryan8_zps9bde7584.jpg


Ryan is a 4 year old, classic Gypsy Horse with a gentle, friendly, wants to please temperament. He will probably end up around 14.3 to 15 hands. He has big drafty bone, loads of hair, the desirable short back and nice head. He is a Lion King grandson. His dam is from Clononeen lines and his sire is LK Legacy (Luka). We are trail riding him now and he is calm and safe. Hes been out in the mountains and down to the beach, even in the water. He is well mannered and respectful, stands for farrier, loves handling. The trainer was impressed with Ryan's ability to collect and move and commented that his physical ability is well advanced for his age and stage of training. He is at the perfect age to start in any direction you'd like to take. If you'd like the classic Proper Cob, flashy and showy, great for riding or driving, then consider this handsome boy.


  photo IMG_2716_zps8bcf02c0.jpg


Cashmere or "Cash" is a beautiful Reg. FHANA Friesian mare. Eight years old, 15.2h. Well bred, sired by Wander 352, who produced the qualified stallion Doiatsen, who is also known for his ability to throw a lot of mane and tail. Her Dam is the grand baby of Mark 232. She was trained to drive but has not been hitched up for over 2 years so would need a refresher course. She is being ridden several times a week to keep her going well, confident advanced beginner/intermediate rider. Can go Western or English, we mostly ride Western but she has had lots of English training in the past. She has had one foal, by Spike 450. She has the bloodlines to produce stunning, conformational correct offspring. Sweet natured, great temperament and disposition. When asked she has power and energy. She trailers great, clips and stands for the farrier. Not yet shown at Keuring, she does however, have the potential to make Ster.
Just bred to our FHANA stallion "Raaf"


 photo IMG_1317_zpsb826ba40.jpg


Maggie is a wonderful sweet 2002 mare. She stands 16H. Sweet as can be, take her and play in the arena or out on the trail. Ride right off the ranch or trailer to the park, she loads and rides like a dream. Maggie is a beginner level ride mare, owned currently by a mom and daughter duo who before owning Maggie were brand new to horses. Maggie rides mostly western, has done a few gymkhana play days. She has also been played with in an english saddle and even taken over a jump or two. Even though it has been a few years she was also started with the basics in driving, the foundation is there she would just need someone to finish her in the harness. She loves to be groomed and to get attention, always waiting for you at the gate. Easy to handle and tack, great for the farrier and vet. 


another return client to the Mitchell Ranch, Thank you Gail for your purchase of Maggie she is a wonderful horse and I know you will really enjoy her!!

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